My Valentine

For Valentine’s Day this year, since we agreed not to do “gifts”, I decided to dedicate a blog post to you, my dear husband!  You are no stranger to my love of blogging, since I make you read and critique each and every one, which you do lovingly (and carefully).  To keep it simple, and from getting too terribly mushy, I am limiting myself to my ten favorite things about you, Letterman style.  Here goes!

10.  I love your laugh.  It is the very first thing I remember noticing about you. You can be watching cartoons, talking on the phone, or playing with the kids, and I can hear your laughter throughout the house and it always brings a smile to my face, no matter what I’m doing.

9.  I love that you would rather be at home than anywhere else. It means so much to me that you choose to spend all of your “free” time with me and the kids. That you are not always looking for an opportunity to do your own thing or pursue your own interests.  This one thing has made me feel so loved! (and spoiled me just a little…)

8.  I love how you interact with the kids.  You are such a great Dad!  To watch you play on the floor with the babies, or play basketball in the driveway with the boys, or how you listen to Lexi attentively when she is talking about her day… You give them so much of yourself, and with seven kids, that is quite amazing!
7.  I love the way you work.  No matter what you are doing, you give it your all. Your job, the yard, coaching the boys, even cleaning the house, you pay attention to every detail and don’t mind the hard work involved in accomplishing any task.  Even when you don’t like what you are doing, you stick with it until you are satisfied with the results. Your work ethic gives me a sense of security. I know I can trust you to do what is needed, even when it is not easy or enjoyable.
6.  I love your strong sense of self. You know who you are, you are confident, you say what you mean and don’t play games or manipulate. Maybe this should be #1, because it is this quality in part that gives me the freedom to be myself, to be authentic and open with you. 
5.  I love your wisdom.  I love that I can present any problem to you and you take time to think about it before you respond. Even though at times I get impatient waiting on you to share your insight, I know that when you do offer a solution or suggestion you have considered all details and options, and have thought through the consequences of each, so I can trust your guidance.  This is especially helpful for me because I tend to be more impulsive and short sighted.  You bring balance to my decision making process, often saving me a lot of heartache and trouble!

4.  I love your humility.  I have watched as God has worked this quality into your heart over the last few years, and I love the humble way that you think of others before yourself.  Everyday I see examples of you putting the needs and desires of others, especially our family, ahead of your own.  I am often amazed at the selfless way you conduct yourself, even in your job, and I am so proud of the man you are becoming.

3.  I love your sense of humor.  I can get really stressed out so easily, and you always find a way to make me laugh and ease the tension, even when I am being nasty to you!  You have a silly side that is so adorable, and one of my favorite things about you!  I love that you joke around in such a sweet, non-sarcastic way.  You keep me from taking myself quite so seriously!

2.  I love how hard you work to make our marriage healthy and happy.  You are so good at trying to see things from my perspective, and so quick to forgive me when I have said or done something hurtful.  You are so patient, letting me say what I am feeling and giving me time to process things… You don’t force your opinions on me or tell me my feelings are silly or wrong.  You don’t just do and say whatever comes naturally to you, you try hard to be sensitive, and make such an effort to communicate your feelings in a healthy way, even when I don’t.

1.  I love that you love me so much.  I am not always easy to love. I am not always happy, cheerful, gentle or patient.  I am often stressed out, harsh, impatient and proud.  I am stubborn and difficult at times. But your love for me is constant. It doesn’t change with my moods (thank God).  Your unconditional love energizes me and makes me want to be a better wife and mom, and makes me proud to be your girl! I thank God for you everyday, you have brought so much joy and laughter into my life.
Happy Valentine’s Day, Michael! You are my best friend, and I love you with all my heart, forever and always!

2 thoughts on “My Valentine

  1. #5 is probably my favorite because I, too, have been blessed these almost 40 years with a man who thinks first before speaking and deciding and who balances my tendency to react impulsively. I can assure you that this quality will be more and more valuable to you as the years go by.

  2. Thank you for sharing this. I can so relate when you said, " I love your sense of humor. I can get really stressed out so easily, and you always find a way to make me laugh and ease the tension." Me too! Praise God for husbands!

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