Notes by Chandler

This is a poem written by my son, Chandler, age 15. His poem took first place in the Huntsville Literary Association Young Writers Contest. He will present it at UAH on May 2.  I’m more than a little proud!


What is it?
It is time.
It is perfect time.
And key.
It is perfect key.
It is relief 
To the aching hearts 
That desire it.
It brings peace,
Piece by piece,
To ones
Who need it.
It is drive,
However, calm.
It is Legato,
Pulsing Rhythm.
It is something 
That can not 
Be taken away.
It is the replacement
Of silence with 
Melody and Harmony
In beautiful
What is it?
It is the 
Extravagant art
Of tone.
It is music.


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