One Hour

I have one hour. Between babies laying down to nap and big kids getting off the big yellow bus, I have this one singular hour that is mine. One might think it wise if I got up from my chair, folded and put away some laundry, began supper preparations, cleaned up the lunch dishes, but here I sit! Determined to journal some of the memories of this day and the weekend past.  I spent much of my time over the weekend with Ann Voskamp’s 1000 Gifts in hand.  On the beach, in the car, at the table, in the bed, etc. I could not put it down! If the secret to JOY is truly in Thanksgiving for everyday graces and gifts, then isn’t this, the journaling of it all, the very pathway to joy?  So here is this, my beginning of a list of 1000 gifts and more. Graces undeserved from a God who is Good.

1.  Moonlight walks on beach with husband
2.  Sound of ocean waves meeting shore
3.  Sound and smell of coffee brewing
3.  Long car rides and comfortable silences
4.  Strong shoulder to lay my head on
5.  Little ones in Sunday best
6.  Big smiles and even tears when Mommy and Daddy get home
7.  “I missed you Daddy” in sweet toddler-speak
8.  Wonderful parents who are even more wonderful grandparents
9.  Grown-up son in tuxedo performing God-given talents
10. Big hugs from not-so-small children
11.  Grinning blonde boy with sun-kissed cheeks
12.  Tall-girl who didn’t seem quite so tall a week ago
13.  Salty breeze
14.  Kind neighbors to come home to
15.  Sheets that smell like home
16.  Return to comforting routine

And on that note, it’s back to the dishes and dinner and laundry for me! I just don’t want to forget these small and not so small details that give the days beauty.  I will look for more and list them, just to hold the moments still in my mind and heart.  Grace, thanksgiving, joy!


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