Silence is not golden

It is just way too quiet in my house. I am not making the rest of the family abstain from media this week, so Nick Jr was still on the tv when I returned from taking my littles to school.  I wanted to leave it on.  You know, just to fill the void. The void where Kathie Lee and Hoda would normally be.  But after a few minutes Umi Zoomi started to grate on my nerves a little, so I turned it off.  I sat down to read (an actual book) with my coffee, and then I sent an email to my bible study class, just because I NEEDED to communicate with someone.  Somehow. And I can call that ministry, so it’s not really cheating… 

I have 12 notifications that I cannot look at on Facebook.  And two new Twitter followers.  I know this only because my phone insists on telling me.  I have not opened either app.  I promise!  One of the girls from my class said she didn’t realize until this week how much she compulsively checks Facebook… As a sort of mental vacation from studying or working, and really, I have thought the same thing.  I think when I turn it back on I will keep a log of each and every time I open the app or log in on my desktop.  Just to see.  Because let’s be honest here, I will not be giving up social media for good.  

I have a suspicion that when I do check those 12 notifications, at least 8 will be invitations to play Candy Crush Saga. (I don’t play games, people, I am too busy cleverly telling you about the minutiae of my daily life.)

I think I will go eat lunch at school with my preschoolers.  That should cure my need for noise.


See ya.


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