Writer’s Block

writer’s block
  1. the condition of being unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing.

When I don’t blog or write or post or publish, sometimes it is because I don’t have time.  Sometimes it is because I don’t have anything to say (yeah, this one doesn’t happen often).  But sometimes it is because I am scared.  Of what, you ask?  Here are some of the bloggy-fears in my head:

1.  No one cares.  Except your mother.

2.  Your mother will read it.

3.  People will think you are crazy.

4.  People will not like you.

5.  People already think you are crazy and don’t like you. Now they will make fun of you too.

6.  You will say something wrong or stupid.  Or wrong AND stupid.

7.  Someone will tell you you are wrong.  And stupid.

8.  You will make somebody mad.  (see, I almost said “piss somebody off” but I was afraid it might make somebody mad.)

9.  People might like it and expect you to write more good stuff.

10.  You might run out of stuff to write about.

So anyway, be kind to your blogging, writing, speaking, preaching, teaching, and singing friends… It is scary to put yourself out there. On any platform.  Even a little blog.  We all crave the validation that what we do matters.  Tell someone today, “Hey girl, You are awesome! You are great at that thing you do!” Be an encourager! Help silence her fears.

*This post was inspired by a simple compliment… How relieved I felt when I read it, and how surprised I was at how relieved I felt.  Words are powerful! Use yours well.


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