There are few things in this world that I enjoy more than a weekend away with girlfriends. Add to that weekend a list of authors and speakers that I love and a praise team that is literally weeping openly as they worship and this girl is WRECKED.  In the best way. LifeWay Women has got it going on, y’all. If you have never attended the LifeWay Women’s Forum you need to sign up for 2016. Now.

As I sit, sifting through my notes from the weekend and praying about how to apply them, I see some pretty clear directives. I wanted to get them down on “paper” (not really, because actual writing, like with a pen, hurts my hand.) So, bear with me as I organize my thoughts publicly, because I am an extrovert and external processor and my husband has listened to all of this like a CHAMP but his ears are tired, I think.

God did not speak to me audibly. But the black and white words on the pages of my notebook are screaming at me pretty loudly tonight. Here is what they are saying:

  • DO THE THING I’VE ALREADY GIVEN YOU TO DO. In other words, stop looking toward the next thing. Be present and give this thing your all. “Stop letting things that don’t matter run your ministry.” (Lisa Harper)
  • WALK WORTHY OF YOUR CALLING. In humility and patience for the sake of unity. “Be faithful to what He’s called you to today. Everything you are learning is in preparation for tomorrow.” (Chris Adams)
  • STOP LOOKING FOR APPROVAL AND ACCEPTANCE from anyone other than Me. “Fear of man will prove to be a snare, but whoever trusts in the Lord is kept safe.” Proverbs 29:25
  • MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR DAYS. They are limited. “You have one chance to write the story of your life.” (Karen Kingsbury)
  • SEEK THE KINGDOM. “Don’t let ‘shadow missions’ distract you from your real mission.” (Pete Wilson- who, by the way, has the coolest hair of any pastor I’ve ever seen. Must be a Nashville thing.)
  • TRUST ME. I’VE GOT YOU. “Cease striving to prove that you are enough. You are not enough. He is enough.” (Jen Wilkin)

There is a profound simplicity to what God asks of us. But I have learned that “simple” rarely means easy. Default mode is easy, but rarely obedient. Obedience is simple, but rarely easy. Praying for the grace to rise to the challenge this week.